Who Is The Real First Lady: The Confusion at The White House

Both the First Lady and the First Daughter accompanied President Trump on his first State visit abroad. Both Melania and Ivanka have always supported Donald. Rumors are rife that there are growing tensions, however, in the First Family. The world watched as Mrs. Melania Trump, the First Lady, swatted away her husband’s hand – once on a red-carpet, and again in Italy.

As the First Daughter takes on more and more official duties, there is growing speculation about who the real First Lady is? The relationship between President Donald Trump’s two First Ladies has also been questioned. Melania is 47, and Ivanka, 35. They are both beautiful successful women. Both are capable of fulfilling the duties of the First Lady.

Team Trump

Traditionally, the roles in the White House were quite clear, but, the Trump presidency and campaign includes the Trump family. Team Family Trump is in the White House now. America’s First Daughter works as an assistant to her father, in the White House; Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, serves as a senior adviser.

America’s First Lady was the President’s wife and not his daughter. It has been reported, however, that Melania and Ivanka have a strained relationship. Ivanka is Trump’s daughter from his marriage to Ivanka. Ivanka has been her father’s biggest fan, and been at his side throughout his career, in business and moving into politics. Ivanka was on the Apprentice, cheering on her Dad.

Both Melania and Ivanka have supported Donald, and, have always been seen together. They are photographed at events, together, and are both strikingly beautiful women who are independently successful and have launched their own brands of retail products – like jewelry and beauty products. Both love fashion, but perhaps Ivanka has more of an interest in politics, and perhaps may be another future Trump president.

So, who’s the First Lady of the USA?

It has also been reported, in fact, that Melania is a reticent woman who never wanted her husband to run for the presidency. Anti-Trump campaigners have launched a “Free Melania” campaign – suggesting she blink twice if she needs help. Regardless of how Melania feels about being the First Lady, Ivanka is more than able to step into her shoes. (And possibly launch a new line of shoes, at the same time)

Ivanka has proven herself to be a political asset, but is she stepping on Melania’s toes? It is reported that the relationship between the two women is strained.

A White House spokesperson has denied the claim. Melania’s decision to remain in New York and complete the academic year with her son, Barron, was met with negative press headlines. Ivanka, the First Daughter, and her family relocated to the upmarket suburb of Kalorama.

Ivanka, a savvy 35-year-old businesswoman, has been an integral part of Trump’s campaign and has taken on political duties, like meeting Chinese leaders, visiting Dover Airforce base and accompanying the First Couple on their first international trip.