Muhammad Ali vs. Mike Tyson: Who’s The King of the Ring?

In the history of boxing, there haven’t been boxers who have entertained their fans more than Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali. These heavyweight boxers have achieved so much in the ring that it’s hard to think who is actually better than the other.

Boxing fans have for a long time appreciated the talent of these two heavyweight boxers but what nobody knows is who between them actually the best is. Actually, these two fighters have never been in the same ring and hence the best way to know who’s the best is to have real facts as they are detailed below.

Muhammad Ali

In the history of boxing, Muhammad Ali was reputed as one of the most significant boxers of all time.  He was the most celebrated boxer of the twentieth century and his victory was celebrated by many fans worldwide. This American professional boxer was actually born to be a boxer. Having trained since he was twelve, Muhammad Ali definitely deserved his victories. From beating the very best of boxers to winning many world titles this boxer was a thrill to his fans. They chanted, loved and greatly celebrated him.

Below are the achievements of Muhammad Ali

  • Sportsman of the year (1974)
  • The Arthur Ashe Courage Award (1997)
  • The overseas sports personality of the year as awarded by BBC (1978, 1974, 1973)
  • World athlete of the year – Milliyet Sports Award (1975, 1976, 1979)
  • The BET Humanitarian Award (2002)
  • The Bambi Millennium Award (2003)
  • The president’s award- NAACP Award (2009)
  • Male athlete of the year courtesy of associated sports (1984)

Muhammad Ali won more titles and he continued to thrill and entertain his fans. This boxer not only earned the hail of his fans but also the honor and respect with his fellow boxers and fans across the world. It is as a result of his modesty that he was honored and regarded high.

Mike Tyson

Secretly known as the beast, Mike Tyson was rather feared by his opponents. He was a boxer with so much capability that by the look of his opponents when he was in the ring, you could tell the final results. This heavyweight boxer was incredibly talented in boxing to the point that other boxers looked upon him to learn the art of boxing. From the many wins to the 8-second knockout record he holds Mike Tyson stands out as a highly reputed boxer who mean real business when he every time he entered the ring.

Achievements of Mike Tyson

  • He holds the youngest heavyweight boxing champion record
  • The quickest Olympic KO (knock-out) at 8 seconds.
  • Prospect of the year award courtesy of the Ring magazine (1985)
  • BBC overseas sports personality (1989)
  • Favorite male athlete of the year (1989)

In addition to these achievements, Mike Tyson held many titles and won many fights. This great boxer never disappointed his fans and he went to the ring with the honor and he promised them victory and victory he gave then. Despite his loss to Holyfield Evander Holyfield on 9th November 1996, Mike Tyson still retains the loyalty and honor of his fans.