What Makes Tom Brady The Best Quarterback Ever

If you haven’t been on the pitch, then you may not know the real heat within. At the end of a game, we praise the winners and we boo the losers. The talent, accomplishments and the undisputed dedication of players in give birth to legends and great heroes in the history of the NFL. Particular, everybody agrees that the NFL is a greatly contested league that is a complete show of how far players can go to be great.

Among the very many talented and dedicated players in the whole National Football League, Tom Brady comes on top of the rest. You may think Joe Montana was the best, but not until you get know the heroic and rather almost impossible achievements marked by Tom Brady. Here are detailed reasons why Tom Brady is the best quarterback ever.

The accomplishments of Tom Brady

Tom Brady is a great quarterback celebrated not only in the United States but worldwide. To get the best of Tom Brady, then here is a closer look at his achievements.

In Brady’s 17 (237 games) seasons in the NFL, he earned a 63.8 % perfect completion rate, 456 touchdowns, 61,582 yards and 152 interceptions. This gave him not only a great reputation but also a 97.2 career QB rating. This is a great achievement for any quarterback and you can be sure that not even Joe Montana came any close to this.

Talking of super bowls, Brady has had seven – the most that any quarterback has ever achieved- and out of these, he won five. In addition to this, Brady completed 63 % of his passes with three touchdowns for 542 yards and with no interception. You can bet that those are real good numbers.

If you are a follower of the National Football League, you will remember that Tom Brady’s appearances in 2009 and 2010 saw him accomplish 59.8 of his throws for incredible 453 yards, four interceptions, and four touchdowns.

The greatest achievements for a quarterback

When talking about quarterbacks, you can bet that the best referrals will be made with reference to Tom’s achievements. With his career still on the move, he has so far completed 62.4 percent of his passes for whopping 261.5 yards, one interception, and 1.8 touchdowns. The greatest quarterback discussion cannot be based on one game but on several and fact is in all those games Tom Brady has not let his fans down. He has proved to be better and better with every game and not even Joe Montana poses a threat to Tom’s quarterback record.

The comparison between Tom Brady and Joe Montana

To get the real picture of what a quarterback Tom Brady is, it’s best to compare him with great quarterbacks like Joe Montana.

In Montana’s fifteen seasons – 192 games- he had a 63.3 % completion of his passes for 40,551 yards, 139 interceptions, and 273 touchdowns. Comparatively, Brady’s 17 seasons (237) games have made him earn a 63.8% completion, 456 touchdowns, 61,582 yards and 152 interceptions.

NFL’s best quarterback ever

In whatever way you may look at it, Tom Brady remains at the top. With such passes, touchdowns and an incredible number of yards, Tom Brady is definitely the best quarterback in the NFL.