The Future Looks Bright For Drones As They Go Mainstream

The word “game-changer” is one that’s been thrown around a lot especially for new technologies that hit the market. It’s no surprise really, to be honest as these technologies tend to be exciting. They are things that people expect to change the way we do things.

 If not at the very least they are expected to change the way we experience certain things. What many people tend to forget is that disruption takes time. People aren’t similar to technology. People take the time to adapt to change unless it’s a true game changer.

 For instance, the first iPhone was something different and unique, so people latched on quickly. Many tend to forget how much Android struggled in the beginning years. The OS is now synonymous with the mainstream, but that was not the case when it first started. The same can be said about drones.

Have they ever been Mainstream?

Drones have been called mainstream by many news companies and online publications. CNN even ran a story on how drones are becoming mainstream and that was back in 2013. Fast forward, 4 years later and they are still not in the hands of many consumers as the other mainstream technologies are.

The idea about mainstream drones was pushed by people who could get their hands on them. The media and celebrities mostly pushed the idea of drones being mainstream when in fact they were never close in the first place.

3D printing Vs Drone Flying

Parallels can be made between drones and 3D printers. The 3D Printers were a game changer, they changed the way we look at the idea of printing. The idea at the time was every home would have a 3D printer, using it to make all sorts of different things.

Fast forward a few years and they are mostly found in industries as they are the ones that have found great use for it. The failure of 3D printers going mainstream has to be pinned on its cost. The cost for these machines are just prohibitive and the ones accessible to the consumer don’t really offer a great experience.

We don’t have to tell you that one bad experience is all people need to get put off by a technology. The same can be said about VR technology and Drones. The great ones are too costly for the normal consumer and the cheap ones offer such a crappy experience that many people get put off.

There are some companies (that can afford to get them and need them) that have found great use for the technology. Sadly, industrial usage doesn’t always lead to mainstream acceptance.

Maybe There’s Hope

With all the doom and gloom presented above, there is still hope for people looking to have Drones. As the technology gets cheaper and easier, many people will be able to have some access. For now, we can see most of the drones being used for videography and photography and it’s hopefully in these 2 fields that the technology will get mainstreamed.